JavaFX refers to a software platform that is used to create and deliver desktop apps, and RIAs i.e. rich internet apps which have the capacity of running across a wide range of devices.

This software platform is meant to replace Swing in the future as the calibre GUI library for the Java SE. However, both JavaFX and Swing will definitely be added for the anticipated future.

JavaFX possesses support for the desktop computers as well as website browsers on Linux, Microsoft Windows, and macOS. Though JavaFX is no longer packaged with the present-day Java and will not receive any support from Oracle, this software platform is still supported for the latest long-term category Java SE 8 through 2022.

What you need to know about JavaFX 2.1 1

Six years ago Oracle managed to release version 2.1 1 of JavaFX that has several prime features including:

  • A version that was officially considered to be the first for OS X and intended for desktop use only
  • CoolType text
  • Advanced Audio Coding and H.264/ MPEG- 4 AVC support
  • Ul enhancements which includes charts (stacked chart), menu bars, and combo box controls
  • Webview component which now makes JavaScript to have the potential of making calls to Java techniques.

There are several JavaFX 2.1 1 system requirements you will need to have in place in order to make sure you browser, operating system as well as Java platform is able to qualify to run the JavaFX technology. Some of the Java FX 2.1 1 system needs you require knowing about include:

1. Java Platform

For purposes related to Windows platform, it is recommended you utilize JavaFX 2.1 1 with the least requirement being Java SE 7Update 5 or Java SE 6 Update 33 installed accordingly on your system. However, in the case of Mac OS X, it is advisable you utilize Java SE 7 Update 5. Based on research, JavaFX 2.1 1 is yet to be formally experimented with Java SE 6 of Apple devices.

2. Graphics Support

In order for JavaFX apps to benefit from the latest hardware acceleration pipeline offered by JavaFX, you must make sure your system is featuring at least one of the numerous GPUs which can be accessed currently in the market.

Output of JavaFX 2.1 1

If you are having Windows Vista or Windows XP, JavaFX Media 2.1 1 will need one of the different external modules installed in order to play H.264/AVC video and AAC audio. Some of the external modules JavaFX Media 2.1 1 will require to be installed include:

  • MainConcept Showcase
  • DIVX PLUS Codec Pack
  • MainConcept H. 264/ AVC Pro Decoder Pack

Difference between WPF and JavaFX

JavaFX is a software platform which offers a library of controls which is ever growing. One of the prime factors distinguishing JavaFX and WPF is the JavaFX controls which essentially are black boxes that cannot in anyway be re-templated in a manner which WPF controls can. The black boxes of JavaFX seem to expose fewer features when compared with the WPF controls.


It is vital you do your homework accordingly if you opt to use JavaFX so that you can apply it accordingly and reap from the tremendous merits it offers.