We are happy to announce today that we have released beta versions of all the components. For this, we had to work hard and the deadlines where shifted several times, unfortunately.

At the moment, all components are available for download as trial versions. We are continuing to work on components’ optimization, refactoring, removing all unnecessary code and trying to make them convenient and easy to understand to for developers.

Now for the individual components:


Readiness for the first release is 100%. All the functionality that we prepared for the first release is done. At the moment, we are testing with automatic tests and covering all the functionality. Plus we are working on writing and optimizing the documentation.


Today we have completed the last refactoring, made the editor completely independent of JavaFX. We have also started the final testing and writing the documentation.


The component is 100% ready. We are completing the description and the documentation.


The first release came out on March 15th, 2019. We view it as a beta version. At the moment we are preparing version 1.1, with many improvements in the form of full support for PDF / A, PDF / A2, PDF / A3, PDF / X. At the moment we test the application and fix the errors found during tests.

We will be happy to receive feedback from you if you download and try our components!