JavaFX is a kind of software platform that is intended to create as well as deliver desktop applications and rich internet applications i.e. RIAs which are able to run across numerous varying devices. JavaFX is a group of Java graphic libraries used to create Java GUI applications, same as Swing and Java AWT.

JavaFX was targeted initially for RIA which was introduced in 2002 and it was a GUI webapp that was delivered through a browser’s plugin which was in competition with Adobe Flash, Java Applets and Microsoft Silverlight.

Kinds of JavaFX Applications

There are different kinds of JavaFX applications that are currently on the use. For instance, the init() technique is a JavaFX application’s lifecycle technique utilized to begin an application and thus make it visible to the user. The init() technique is called immediately after a person instantiates an Application object, and it is intended to be utilized for the application- specific initializations.

JavaFX Application Examples

The JavaFX GUI Program enlarges from javafx.application.Application the same way the Java Swing GUI program expands from javax.swing.Jframe. JavaFX offers an enormous set of components or controls in package,javafx.scene.control which include Button, Label as well as TextField.

JavaFX Close Application

In Swing, a person can use setDefaultCloseOperation() when shutting down the whole application if Window is closed. However, this is not the case when closing a JavaFX application. If you have several Windows open and you wish to close the whole application in case the Window is closed, there is a way of doing that in JavaFX.

Though you can override setOnCloseRequest() for you to tackle some action on Window close, there is an action you must perform in order to succeed in termination the whole application. Be informed that the application stops automatically when the final stage is closed. In order to terminate the whole application, the stop() technique of your application category is called in order for you to avoid requiring an equivalent to the setDefaultCloseOperation().
In case you wish to terminate the application prior to that, you will need to call Platfrom.exit().

JavaFX Sample Application

The following are some of the sample applications which are described in the JavaFX documentation:

  1. Add HTML Content to JavaFX Apps
  2. Get Started with
  3. Handling Events
  4. Incorporating Media Assets Into JavaFX Applications

Many more examples can be found on this page:

JavaFX: Sample Applications for Tutorials

JavaFX Application Development

Preparing for JavaFX Application development will require you to download as well as install either JDK 7 or the later version. In case you will be utilizing JavaFX Scene Builder, it is recommended you also download and install it.

You should also ensure that your JavaFX plugin is well enabled, and then define JDK in Intellij IDEA. If necessary, it is vital you specify the way to JavaFX Scene Builder feasible file. This will assist you open the FXML files right in the Intellij IDEA in your Scene Builder.

Bottom Line

When creating a project for JavaFX application development, you can either choose to construct from scratch the corresponding project, or by importing corresponding sources in case already you are having source files you wish to progress working with.