XML file is a kind of format that is used to make ordinary information formats. The file extension shares both the data and the format it create on intranets and World Wide Web among other areas by using the standard ASCII text.

The design objective of XML is to emphasize, usability, generality, and simplicity across the internet. XML is amongst the textual data formats having strong support through Unicode for varying human languages. Though the XML design concentrates on documents, this language is mainly utilized to represent arbitrary data structures like those being utilized in web services. Here are some tips to open XML in different ways on your computer:

How to Open XML in a Text Editor

To open XML online, you will first require locating the XML file that you desire to open. XML files are encoded generally in plain text. This means they can be opened in any of the text editor and hence be capable of being read.

Right-click in your computer the XML file and then choose ‘Open With’. A list of different programs will be displayed which are capable of opening the file. You should then click on the option ‘TextEdit’ (Mac) or ‘Notepad’ (Windows).

How to Open XML in Excel

To open XML in Excel, you will first require opening the Microsoft Excel document in your desktop or laptop. Once you open your Microsoft Excel, click ‘File’ followed by tapping ‘Open’.

Once you open the File, look for XML file and double-click it. You will then be directed to the File menu. Click ‘File menu’ first and then click ‘Save As’. You should then navigate to that specific folder whereby you wish to save your file. From the option ‘Save as type’, finalize the process by selecting ‘Excel Workbook’.

How to Open XML in Word

Open Microsoft Word from your desktop or laptop and locate the type of XML file you prefer to open. Double-click the XML file in order for it to open in MS Word. Click the option named ‘Office’ and then tap ‘Save As’. Select the Document MS Word 2007 for you to convert the file to DOCX MS Word 2007 format.

How to Open XML on Mac

Since Mac Numbers does not contain same file format as its counterpart Windows, the only option is to first click ‘Save As’. You should then choose Excel 2004 XML Spread sheet (.xml) from your list of Formats. Any file that is saved in such format will straight away open like other types of Excel file formats.

How to Open XML File in Chrome

Open Chrome and find the particular XML file which you wish to open in ‘My PC’. You should then carefully drug the file you choose to Google Chrome. Right-click on the blank window and then click the option named ‘View Source’.


Though XML file can be opened in different ways, its prime purpose is to structure data in a way that it can be easily stored and transported.