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What is JavaFX?

JavaFX refers to a software platform that is used to create and deliver desktop apps, and RIAs i.e. rich internet apps which have the capacity of running across a wide range of devices. This software platform is meant to replace Swing in the future as the calibre GUI library for the Java SE. However, both […]


JavaFX Applications

JavaFX is a kind of software platform that is intended to create as well as deliver desktop applications and rich internet applications i.e. RIAs which are able to run across numerous varying devices. JavaFX is a group of Java graphic libraries used to create Java GUI applications, same as Swing and Java AWT. JavaFX was […]


How to Open XML File

XML file is a kind of format that is used to make ordinary information formats. The file extension shares both the data and the format it create on intranets and World Wide Web among other areas by using the standard ASCII text. The design objective of XML is to emphasize, usability, generality, and simplicity across […]

Problems of OLE Automation to generate documents

There are many articles on the Internet on the topic «How to use OLE Automation to generate documents».   Data compilation and retrieval is proceeded using iDispatch, the interface of an external process COM server, which can be Word, Exel, etc.  This approach has several serious limitations: Marshaling is a process of transferring data to […]